About the Car Seat Bib

The Car Seat Bib, created by a real mom with a really car sick kid. The Car Seat Bib is the answer to messes on the road and the key to keeping car seats clean.

The Car Seat Bib was created by a real mom with a really car sick kid.

The Answer to Messes on the Road

Spills and spit up in the car get everywhere… inside buckles and seatbelts, soaking into car seat fabric, and all over the back seat. Small children are particularly susceptible to car sickness, especially before they’re old enough to turn the car seat front-facing or take motion sickness medicine.

The Key to Keeping Car Seats Clean 

Car Seats are incredibly complex to take apart for cleaning and aren’t always washable. And stopping on the highway to clean and change a child is stressful and unsafe.

We spent years and hundreds of dollars testing other oversized bibs and never found one that worked. Waterproof bibs send messes flying like a slip-and-slide. Standard fabric bibs let messes soak through to clothing and buckles.

The Lightbulb Moment

That’s why we created our own: Our original Car Seat Bib combines ultra absorbent and waterproof materials into a lightweight, oversized bib to keep kids and cars clean. It’s the first-ever bib designed specifically for kids to wear while in a car seat – and works wonderfully during mealtime at home and messy art projects too.

When a mess happens, you can quickly remove the Car Seat Bib and toss it in the wash at home.

The Car Seat Bib is woman-owned and based in Philadelphia. We proudly work with ethical, local vendors – from fabric to web design.

Woman-owned small business