Best (and Cheapest) Products for Dealing with Car Sickness

When our kiddo first started getting car sick, we were desperate for a solution.

We asked our pediatrician: He said to give it a few years and she'll grow out of it.

We asked fellow parents and got a few suggestions, not much of which actually helped.

Here's the bad news: There is no magic cure, device, or medicine that's going to prevent car or air sickness in babies and kids.

The good news? We have some product tips to keep the mess to a minimum!

Emesis Bags

These disposable vomit bags are used in hospitals and medical settings. Emesis Bags have a hard rim made of rigid plastic so that the bag stays open, unlike a regular, floppy plastic bag, while your child is using them. 

They are cheap, easy to store in the car, and you can twist them up and "lock" the twist into the rim to keep smells in the bag (and not you in your car!). Throw it away at the next rest stop and keep on truckin'.

Bonus: They fit in the car seat's cupholder and older toddlers can use them without adult help.

Find them on Amazon for about $.50 a piece.

Car Seat Bib

You're here. We don't have to sell you on this one. The Car Seat Bib is the first and only bib intended for use in the car for carsick kids.

It's ultra absorbent, easy to wash, oversized, comfortable and safe to wear, 

Get it right here, baby.

Zip Top bags

So, your kiddo pukes and the Car Seat Bib catches the mess... now what? Carry some gallon-size zip top bags (Ziplocs or whatever your store carries) in the car. Ball up the bib and seal it up in the bag to keep the car clean and smell down. Then toss the bib into the washing machine at your destination.

Baby Wipes

Any kind you use! Baby wipes are the best tool for cleaning up a post-puke kid and any spots in the car or car seat that the vomit struck. Note: You'll want to follow your Car Seat's manual for cleaning buckles, hardware, etc. But, baby wipes are great for spot cleaning the fabric.

Bottom Line: Keep it cheap, keep it clean.

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