Why Car Seat Bib is Pocket-Free | It's Ultra-Absorbent!

The first question anyone asks about Car Seat Bib is: "Are you going on Shark Tank?"...

The second question is more important:

"Does Car Seat Bib have a pocket to collect the mess?"

Answer: No!

And here's why:

Most of the big bibs on the market come with a pocket to catch food messes. This is awesome for baby-led weaning or just feeding in general. Drop a banana slice or noodles in it and easily dump it out in the trashcan or rinse in the sink.

When does a large bib with a pocket suck?

In the car!

  • When you’re wiping vomit out of the pocket with your bare hands…
  • When you have a pocket full of puke
  • When you’re in the car on a long road trip and your kid spits up, and you have nowhere to dump the mess.
  • When there is puke sloshing around the pocket in a bib that's hooked onto your already distressed child.
  • When you try cleaning it while still in the car and your fingers smell like spit up until you find a sink.
  • When you have to carefully carry the pocket full of puke from the car to a trash can.
  • When you're holding your breath to avoid getting sick yourself.
  • When the pocket doesn't get fully washed or dried in the laundry and mold grows...

We’ve been there. Too many times.

That’s why Car Seat Bib is pocket-free, but ULTRA absorbent!

You don’t need a pocket because our fabric rapidly soaks up the mess -- 86% is absorbed immediately on contact and the grippy fabric catches any drippings.

Plus, the waterproof backing and oversized design keeps your kid clean.

All you have to do is remove the bib and stick it in a plastic bag so that it doesn’t stink up your car. Then throw it in the wash at home!

You’ll never have to touch spit up on the road again.

Get the best and only Car Seat Bib on the market!

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We thought of everything.

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