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New Affiliate Program

While you’ve been sharing, blogging, and posting stories for your friends and family to see, we’ve been building a way to thank you for it.

Car Seat Bib's Affiliate Program is now on ShareASale!

We are grateful for your support and are excited for you to join our Affiliate Program so that you'll earn commissions on Car Seat Bib purchases made through custom links that you share with friends, family, and followers.

Here's how the process works:

Head to the affiliate sign-up page and apply for the program.


The Car Seat Bib team will review your application. You'll hear from us shortly on your application status.


For any questions, please feel free to reach out



About Car Seat Bib

The Car Seat Bib was created by a real mom with a really car sick kid.

Spills and spit up in the car get everywhere… Car Seats are incredibly complex to take apart for cleaning and aren’t always washable. We spent years and hundreds of dollars testing other oversized bibs and never found one that worked.

That’s why we created our own: Our Car Seat Bib combines ultra absorbent and waterproof materials into a lightweight, oversized bib to keep kids and cars clean. It’s the first-ever bib designed specifically for kids to wear while in a car seat – and works wonderfully during mealtime at home and messy art projects too.